Müller Elektronik-Optik

Arc light sources- examples of applications
Description of the light sources
Typical emission spectra
Infrared sources
Lamp group specifications
Power supplies specifications
Ligth source for 30 W
Ligth source for 50 - 100 W
Ligth source for 150 - 300 W
Ligth source for 250 - 500 W
Ligth source for 75 - 600 W
Universal ligth source for 100 - 500 W
Power supplies for mercury arc lamps 
Water- cooled lamp housings for 450 - 1000 W
Ligth source for 450 - 1000 W
Ligth source for 1600 - 2000 W
Dual source - lamp housing
Lamp houses with elliptical reflector
Light modulator
Light feed back control
Light pulses
Accessories 1
Accessories 2

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In addition to the standard light sources in this catalogue
Müller Elektronik-Optik

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